The benefits of coming to my salon


Knowing how to make your curls the best they can be is the best way to build sef confidence that's why I love working with people that have never understood how to work with there curls. From kids who maybe don't have family members who have curls to help them or even if you are middle age and just realized you had curl to even those clients that have experienced kemo and their hair has came back curly the best thing you can do for yourself is to learn about your curls and get the best curly cut to make you live your hair


My salon has a variety of different services. I specialize in lived-in color techniques, natural texture, color corrections and keratin treatments. Hair is a great way for self expression. I am here to help you express your self however you want to

Make a Change

If you or someone you know have been struggled with thinking you have just frizzy puffy hair you probably have curly or wavy hair. You can always just come in for a curly style and we can analyze how much curl you actually have and can come up with a curly routine that will work for you. I love also working with young woman or men that have curl and don't know how to get the most out of their curl.

A Passion for curls

I am dedicated to teaching you about how to love and work with your curls. No matter if you have wavy curly or coily hair. I have worked with curls since 2008 and feel like everyone need to know the best way to style their hair. Every curly cut and styling routine is custom for each client and their needs. I have studied ouidad and devacurl cutting techniques and also worked with devacurl in educating other stylists about curly hair.

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